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Hand Embroidery Companion Cards :: The Foundation Deck

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The Foundation Deck is an amazing resource for both beginner and experienced stitchers. The cards introduce 30 foundational stitches and explore the relationships between them. Pull a card for inspiration, education or reference while working on a hand embroidery project.

The Foundation Deck includes a deck of 31 cards: 30 foundational hand embroidery stitches plus one key card. Each stitch card includes: * A diagram illustrating how to preform the stitch accompanied by a written description * Codes designating stitch family, stitch use, and relative difficulty * A photo of the stitch and stitch variations * Tips and tricks * A QR code linking to an online video tutorial Seven exclusive hand embroidery sampler pattern are also included! These designs utilize all 30 stitches in the deck and explore the relationships and categories established in the cards.

:: Hand Embroidery Companion Cards :: The Foundation Deck by Jessica Long Embroidery
:: Each card measures approx 4.75" x 2.5"
:: Each deck includes 31 cards (30 instructional plus 1 Key card)
:: Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Fun and Functional

What a great gift! The cards are beautiful and the pictures are helpful.

michelle Giesey
I love the idea of these cards!

These are nice when you are traveling and don’t have room. I still prefer a book. I had a little stitch party when my cards arrived in the mail and had a new stitcher try them out, she found them a bit confusing. I like them a lot, but I already know the stitches and just need a reminder sometimes when I have not practiced one in a long time. I love the deck and the patterns that came with.

Sherill Carothers
Perfect for beginners

I purchased these cards for a beginning sewer. They are perfect for her to work through and also to use as reference. They are a quality product also. I was pleased by the weight and the clear information.

Jean S.
Perfect for my embroidery project bag!

These cards are perfect for adding to my project bag for those times when I don't have room for an entire book. I can choose the cards I need and tuck them in my bag. The photography is clear and the line drawings are large and detailed. The bonus of sampler patterns was a pleasant surprise! Each of the seven stitch samplers look like fun and the designs are gorgeous. Lovely product!