12 Color Milk Paint Sampler - Non-toxic All Natural Paint

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Milk Paint is the perfect choice for your small unfinished wood projects as well as larger historic furniture restoration and home renovation projects. Create your own colorful wooden play sets when you combine this paint sampler with any of Snuggly Monkey's unfinished wood play sets and Daddy Van's Beeswax Polish!


`This TWELVE (12) color sampler pack that includes 1 oz samples of each of the following colors: Marigold Yellow, Pumpkin, Salmon, Salem Red, Tavern Green, Lexington Green, Federal Blue, Soldier Blue, Pitch Black, Snow White, Chocolate Brown and Slate. 

` Snuggly Monkey Milk Paint is Manufactured in the USA with all natural ingredients (milk protein, lime and natural earth or mineral pigments) It is completely non-toxic, VOC-free and a USDA certified Biobased paint.

Milk Paint comes in powdered form, which means YOU control the color and opacity of your project! Use a 1:1 ration (for example 1 TBSP of powder + 1 TBSP of water) for a creamy, thick paint that will cover any porous surface. Prefer to use it as a stain or wash to achieve those beautiful Waldorf and Montessori water color finishes? Just add more water to the paint mixture. *You can lighten any shade by adding some Snow White milk paint to the mixture.


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