Sashiko Embroidery Kit - 5 Pattern Sampler

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Sashiko is a simple and elegant style of Japanese hand embroidery. Beautifully intricate patterns are created with a simple running stitch using thick cotton Sashiko thread. Sashiko is great for beginning and advanced stitchers alike. Easy to learn and relaxing to do! 

This versatile 5 Pattern Sampler can be stitched as one continuous piece to be used in as a table runner, quilt panel, wall hanging and more. Or, you can cut the 5 designs apart to create coasters, patches and more.

:: The 5 Pattern Sampler is pre-printed in Washable ink on 100% Cotton Fabric
-- The pre-printed stitch markings show you exactly where to stitch
--- Once you have finished stitching the design, simply hand wash the piece in cold water and the stitch markings will wash away.
:: Fabric Color: Navy
:: The panel is approximately 5.5" x 26.5" (14 cm x 67 cm), with each square measuring approximately 5 "x 5.5" 
:: Made in Japan by Olympus

:: Available as either the PATTERN ONLY or as a SASHIKO KIT
----> The PATTERN ONLY option includes the pre-printed cotton sampler only. (There is NO thread or accessories included with this option.)

---> SASHIKO KIT - The Kit option includes the pre-printed fabric pattern, 1 skein of WHITE Sashiko thread and a package of Olympus Sashiko Needles.

Check out our tutorial for making coasters using this sampler! 

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