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Sashiko 101 :: Intro to Sashiko Stitching

Learn how to get started with Sashiko stitching in this beginner friendly online class. Join Claudia via Zoom as she walks you through what supplies you need for Sashiko, how to select the correct thread and how to stitch up your very own Sashiko sampler.

In this class, we will be working on the Kaza Guruma 2 pre-printed Sashiko sampler, but the skills you will learn will allow you to stitch up any pre-printed sampler. Some of the topics that will be covered include the No-Knot start & stop method, Sashiko stitching techniques, how to make Sashiko thread braids, and we will also discuss ideas for what you can make with your sampler once you have completed the stitching.

You have the option of purchasing the class with a kit or the Workshop Only and you can use your own sampler if you prefer.

The Class Kit contains:
- The Kaza Guruma 2 Sashiko Sampler
- Two (2) Skeins of Olympus Sashiko Thread (#91 Variegated and #9 Sky Blue)
- One pack of Olympus Sashiko Needles
- Clover Sashiko Metal Palm Thimble


:: Level: Beginner (No previous stitching experience necessary)
:: Cost: $35 (No Kit) or $60 with Complete Kit
:: Class Duration: 1.5 hours
:: Location: Via Zoom (Zoom Link will be emailed the week before the class date)

:: Upcoming Class Dates: 
- Sashiko 101 will return in Fall 2022

About Your Instructor

Claudia Martinez is the owner of Snuggly Monkey. She first had the opportunity to visit Japan on a high school exchange program and quickly fell in love with the country and culture. Claudia went on to minor in Japanese at Duke University before returning to work and live in Japan after graduation. During her years living in rural Japan, she had the opportunity to learn a variety of traditional Japanese crafts, which only deepened her appreciation for Japan's rich cultural heritage. Claudia has been teaching beginner Sashiko classes for several years and loves having the opportunity to share this beautiful, meditative art form with others.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Gifted Teacher !!!

This class was terrific !!! Claudia is a gifted teacher. I so enjoyed her sharing the history of Sashiko, it put this beautiful craft into context, and added to my appreciation of learning this. It was wonderful to share this experience with other learners from around the country. I had been interested in learning about sashiko since I found Claudia and started following Snuggly Monkey. I love hand Hand Embroidery and find it exciting to try something new. Stitching without a hoop feels a bit like working without a net but trying new things is refreshing.. I can't wait to take Sashiko 201 in fall. I have the whole summer to practice. Highly recommend this class. and Claudia's style of teaching and support.

Nadine M
Wonderful class!

Thank you Claudia! I really enjoyed the class and highly recommend it to others! I learned how to prep the fabric and thread, how to stich, about the history and more. Nice handouts before and after the class. It was helpful to see samples on Zoom and to access the replay! Claudia is a great teacher! I enjoyed the sampler and have started another piece.

Mary Lou Mallendick
Thumbs up!

This class was fun and informative. Claudia is a walking library of knowledge. The backstory was especially interesting. I wish I lived closer to her shop.

Educational and Detailed

I really loved this class. I learned a lot about the history of sashiko as well as the different types and what differentiates them. I also got a clear overview on the basics. I appreciated that there was a camera just for her hands as she began the demonstration, and that she clearly was aware at all times how she would need to be angled so that we could see everything. I loved this class and plan on taking the next one offered.

Stacy O
Great class

I loved this class! It was virtual, but it felt like we were there in person. Claudia is so warm and encouraging. She is a great teacher. I not only learned how to stitch Sashiko, but I also learned the history and so much more. I can’t wait to take the next class! I highly recommend this class to everyone!