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Nurge Square Plastic Embroidery Hoops

Nurge high-quality Square (rectangular) Plastic Embroidery Hoops are perfect for most styles of needlecraft, hand embroidery, machine embroidery & cross stitch. Their unique shape makes it easy to stitch into the corners of your project. There is a notch in one hoop that fits into a groove on the other that keeps the fabric tension tight while stitching.

:: One (1) Nurge Square Plastic Embroidery Hoop
:: Available Sizes 4 different sizes (The quoted metric sizes (mm) refer to the outside diameter of the inner hoop.)

  • No. 1 - 95mm (3.75") x 110mm (4.3") x 10mm Coffee Brown
  • No. 2 - 145mm (5.7") x 165mm (6.5") x 10mm Light Pink
  • No. 3 - 195mm (7.7") x 220mm (8.7") x 10mm Lilac
  • No. 4 - 250mm (10") x 280mm (11") x 10mm Pale Blue
:: Made in Turkey

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Karen Schaefer
Nurge Rectangle Hoop

The pink Nurge embroidery hoop I ordered is fantastic! The shape lets me reach more of my design without having to reposition the hoop which I love. It also holds the fabric tighter than my other round hoops which makes my embroidery faster. It's great!
Karen Schaefer

Nurge hoop - no.1

This is the best hoop I've ever used for holding my fabric securely. I'm embroidering a series of days of the week kitchen towels and it is just the right size to show all of the pattern. Hoop is light and comfortable to hold.

Nurse hoops wow!

I am so impressed with these nurge hoops! Once you place your cloth they will not move. They are the best hoop I’ve used!

Nurge hoops

So happy with this Nurge hoop! Buying another one!

Tani White
Nurge square hoops rock!

So excited to finally have a quality hoop that is not round. I bought two sizes, they are sturdy, easy to use and pretty!