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Japanese Folktale Pin Cushion - Princess Kaguya

Mukashi, Mukashi ... There lived an old man and his wife. One day, when the old man went to the bamboo forest to cut some bamboo, he came across a shining stalk. When he split it open, he found inside it a cute baby girl, and named her Kaguya-hime. ... and so begins the Japanese Folktale "Taketori Monogatari" or, as it is more commonly known these days, the Tale of Princess Kaguya that is represented in this exquisitely crafted pin cushion and handmade pin set.

A painted and lacquered natural Bamboo cup serves as the base for the creamy white pin cushion made of viscose crepe fabric. The stainless steel pins are decorated with handmade miniature figurines that depict the main characters and motifs of the Princess Kaguya folktale. The set includes a miniature scroll that tells the tale in Japanese as well as an English translation. Truly a must have item for any pin cushion collector!

:: Princess Kaguya Pins & Cushion Set
:: The Bamboo bowl measures approximately 2.2" (55mm) in diameter and is approximately 1.65" tall (42mm)
:: Includes 5 stainless steal pins with handcrafted resin figurines as the pinheads
:: Made in Ishikawa, Japan by Hiro, CO LTD.

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Dmitriy Dryzhak
Awessome picushion

He guys, got today your amazing item and it's absolutely awessome work, me and my wife fully satisfied! Just one thing, you forgot to put paper with english translation of the story, and we would be glad if you will give us some link where we could read it (sorry it's too hard to translate from japance).