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All Natural Non-toxic Milk Paint - Slate Gray

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  • Milk Paint is the perfect choice for your small unfinished wood projects as well as larger historic furniture restoration and home renovation projects. This listing is for ONE (1) container of Milk Paint in the color SLATE in your choice of either the 1oz sample size or the 1 pint bag.

    Each color is available in 2 different sizes: 1 oz "sample" or 1 Pint bag.
    The 1 oz sample size is perfect for small craft projects (like painting wooden eggs, peg dolls etc) or to test out a color for a bigger project. Snuggly Monkey 1oz samples come in an air tight storage container that will keep your milk paint fresh and ready to use indefinitely. Once you have mixed the powder with water, you can keep the paint in an air tight container in the fridge for a few days. One container has enough paint for several small projects.

    The Pint size bags are great for larger furniture restoration projects or even painting an accent wall. The milk paint powder comes in a vacuum sealed bag that will keep indefinitely while the seal remains intact. Please be aware that because of the natural ingredients in the paint powder exposure to air can cause calcification of the paint, so it is important to store it in an air tight container until you are ready to mix and use it.

  • Milk Paint comes in powdered form, which means YOU control the color and opacity of your project! Use a 1:1 ration (for example 1 TBSP of powder + 1 TBSP of water) for a creamy, thick paint that will cover any porous surface. Prefer to use it as a stain or wash to achieve those beautiful Waldorf and Montessori water color finishes? Just add more water to the paint mixture.

    *You can lighten any shade by adding some Snow White milk paint to the mixture

    *Or create your own unique colors by mixing any of the 12 different colors of milk paint available at Snuggly Monkey

    Snuggly Monkey Milk Paint is Manufactured by OFMPC in the USA with all natural ingredients (milk protein, lime and natural earth or mineral pigments) It is completely non-toxic, VOC-free and a USDA certified Biobased paint.