Anna Maria Horner Hand Embroidery Pattern - Fields Aflutter

Embroidery Pattern transfer made simple with this beautiful Fields Aflutter embroidery pattern from Anna Maria Horner. No need to mess with transfer pens, light boxes etc to transfer your patterns onto your project surface. Just iron the pattern onto the desired surface and start stitching!

{ d e t a i l s }
` This listing is for a one (1) "Fields Aflutter" embroidery pattern by Anna Maria Horner

` Includes 24 designs

` Each design ranges from 2.5" to 9" tall

` Includes a BONUS Pillow Sewing project

` You will receive an envelope with the Pattern, Transfer Instructions and Basic Embroidery instructions. (Sorry, but this item is not available as a digital download)

` The patterns are Re-Usable! The image will transfer multiple times. Once the ink has been depleted you can still use your pattern with Carbon Transfer Sheets or transfer pens

` Please note that the ink does not wash out. These patterns are intended to be transferred to your work surface and then covered with stitching, wood burning, markers, etc.

` This pattern IS NOT available for commercial use - it is for personal use only.

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