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FA Edmunds 6.5" Polished Beech Square Embroidery Hoop

From renown hoop maker F.A. Edmunds, the polished beech embroidery hoops are one of the finest hoops on the market. These hardwood hoops feature smooth round edges and a brass closure.

:: F.A. Edmunds Beech Square Embroidery Hoop
:: Quantity: 1 single hoop
:: Size: 6.5" diameter (3/8" thick & 5/16" high)
:: Brass closure
:: Smooth, rounded edges

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
A bit disappointing

I follow Mary Corbet at Needle n' Thread. She reviewed a square/round hoop earlier this year. When I saw this [FA Edmunds] hoop, I thought of Mary's hoop & purchased the Edmunds. I have just gone back to Mary's article & the Edmunds hoop is quite a bit less expensive but you get what you pay for. The Edmunds hoop is not very wide & I had a heck of a time getting fabric into it --- that is, getting the top of the hoop over the fabric & bottom hoop. After I removed the fabric I could not get the empty hoops to realign. grrr~~. Maybe I'm doing something wrong?? Don't know if I'll use.