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Karst Gridded Stone Paper Pad (A4)

 Karst tree-free A4 Notepads are made from high-quality, sustainable, and recyclable stone paper. These Notepads provide ample space for all of your notes and ideas. With a top flip binding, write or draw comfortably from any angle, and remove each sheet with ease along the micro-perforation. This unique, eco-friendly stone paper material is acid-free, bright white, and waterproof, with a premium look and feel.

Karst Stone Paper is infinitely recyclable, made from repurposed Calcium carbonate construction waste. The process eliminates the use of water in production. Calcium carbonate is the base of superhydrophobic coatings. Stone paper is completely waterproof, and tear-resistant with its unique chemical structure. No grain direction, no bleed through, Stone paper is smoother than anything you’ve ever written on. Completely friction-free, pens & pencils glide across the page.

:: Karst Stone Paper Pad - Graph Paper
:: Each pad includes 60 grid pages
:: Micro-perforated pages for easy removal
:: Black top flip binding with black waterproof back cover and pages.

:: Made of Karst Stone paper recycled calcium carbonate / 120-micron thick paper (equivalent to 144gsm). Rigid backing

:: Dimensions: 8.3” x 11.7” A4

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Jen Barlev
Smooth and bright

I've never bought paper before that I literally wanted to PET. This stuff is so nice!