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Quilters Wash Away and Fabric Chalk Pencils Set

Use these multi-purpose fabric pencils for drawing directly on or for transferring designs onto fabrics, canvas, denim, wood and more. The Fabric Pencils set from Generals includes two different kinds of pencils - 2 Quilter's Wash Out Pencils and 2 Fabric Chalk Pencils.

Quilter's pencils can be used to sketch designs on fabric and then these lines may be erased or washed out.

To use the Chalk Pencils, draw or trace design on paper, press firmly for chalk marks are bold and clear, then turn traced design pencil side down onto fabric. Transfer design by rubbing paper with fingers or blunt tool. Image will be a mirror image of original drawing. Be sure to test pencil on the fabric before application.

:: General's Fabric Chalk Pencils
:: Includes 4 pencils - Two (2) Quilter's Pencils (Yellow & Silver) and Two (2) Fabric Chalk Pencils (White & Silver)
:: Made in the USA