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Rico Design Plastic Embroidery Hoop - 7 Inch (17.8 cm)

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Rico Design plastic embroidery hoops are both beautiful and functional. The smooth plastic outer hoop has rounded edges that sit comfortably in your hard for hours of easy stitching. The interlocking inner and outer hoops keep your fabric tension tight throughout your project with minimal fabric slipping. This line of hoops comes in an assortment of soft hues that make them exceptional not only for stitching but also for framing your finished project. 

:: One (1) Rico Design Embroidery Hoop
:: Size: 7 inch (17.8 cm)
:: Color: Powder
:: Made of heavy duty plastic

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Sam E
Really Works

I've been struggling with traditional bamboo hoops--the constant tugging to tighten the fabric after every few stitches. Reminds me of wearing old tights that won't stay up: walk, yank, walk, yank. So annoying. And then I tried this hoop after Claudia talked about them on a recent unboxing episode on Instagram. Wow. I have stitched and stitched and am 3/4 finished with a piece and I haven't had to readjust once! So worth the money. Thank you Claudia!

Patricia Diaz
Love it!

I really love this hoop. It holds your project very securely. Too many hoops won’t get drum tight and you spend so much time re-tightening. Great price and wonderful product. Thanks for the tip Claudia!

Lynn G
I love this hoop

I am using this hoop for my Dropcloth ice cream sampler. It holds the fabric taut. I will purchase more of theses hoops.

Take my money!

I have said it once and I will say it again buy all the sizes! I love how snug it keeps my fabric.