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Converting DMC to Cosmo Embroidery Floss

I was first introduced to Cosmo Embroidery Floss about 10 years ago when I signed up for a Frosted Pumpkin StitcheryStitch-Along. Back then, the Frosted Pumpkins had all their stitch charts in Cosmo colors. I had only ever stitched with DMC (or whatever brand was on the floss bobbins of thread boxes I had picked up at yard sales & thrift shops), so I was intrigued to try a new brand of thread. Once I started stitching with Cosmo, I never went back and I've spent the last 10 years transitioning my thread collection to Cosmo floss. 

cosmo embroidery floss

The first thing that I noticed about Cosmo was how soft the thread feels in your hands. I spend a fair amount of my free time hand stitching, so having a thread that is nice to hold is pretty important. Cosmo uses only the highest quality extra-long staple cotton in the production of their threads to create a cotton floss that is known for its soft texture and durability. 

The second thing that sets Cosmo floss apart is the vivid, almost silk-like luster of the thread. The full range of 501 solid colors (plus an additional 140 variegated colors) has this signature sheen that produces vibrant stitch work. All Cosmo floss is colorfast and fade resistant as well. 

With the addition of several new colors in 2020, Cosmo & DMC now have about the same number of thread colors, but each company has their own proprietary manufacturing processes to produce their own thread colors. Many colors are similar between the two brands, but each brand also has thread colors that are unique to each brand. 
Yellows in DMC and Cosmo
For example, DMC has 13 shades of yellow available, while Cosmo has 17. And conversely, DMC has 12 shades of navy blue while Cosmo only has 9. Both lines offer a full spectrum of colors, but for certain colors one line may have more shades available than the other. 
Blues Comparison DMC and Cosmo
For months, I have been working on creating a new DMC to Cosmo conversion chart that includes all of the new colors put out in recent years by both brands. The Snuggly Monkey DMC to Cosmo Conversion chart is available to download for free here
An important thing to keep in mind when converting between DMC and Cosmo is that even in the case of the most accurate conversions, it is rare that you will find an *exact* perfect match between the two brands. The colors are often close enough that you can almost always convert a DMC stitch chart to Cosmo floss and produce an equally beautiful finished project, but if using an EXACT shade is important to your project, it may be best to stick with the brand that the pattern was originally created in. 
Cosmo vs. Dmc Floss
The gentle gradation of Cosmo color families makes it an ideal choice for thread painting and other stitch projects that require shading.
Snuggly Monkey is a proud stockist of the entire line of Cosmo embroidery floss and threads. From Solids to the Variegated Seasons Collectionsand the Nishikiito Metallic threads, you will find the full array of thread options in our shop. Download a copy of the Snuggly Monkey DMC to Cosmo Conversion chart to easily convert between DMC and Cosmo threads and give Cosmo threads a try!