Cosmo Seasons Floss Series Comparison

Comparing the Different Series of Cosmo Seasons Variegated Floss

Cosmo Seasons is the name of the variegated floss colors in the Lecien Cosmo embroidery floss line. Within Cosmo Seasons, there are three different series of colors - 5000s, 8000s, and 9000s. Let's take a closer look at the differences between each series and when you might want to use each one. 

The 5000 Series

Cosmo Seasons 5000 Series

The Cosmo Seasons 5000 series has 40 colors. The variegation in this series is done consistently with the colors changing evenly every 8cm.

Cosmo Seasons 5000 Series

The 8000 Series

Cosmo Seasons 8000 Series

The 8000 Series is the largest with 80 different variegated colors available. The variegation in this series is done with a gentle & gradual color change. Most of the colors in this series are single color with gradual changes in hue, but there are also a few skeins that change color gradually between two to four different colors.

Cosmo Seasons 8000 Series Floss

The 9000 Series

Cosmo Seasons 9000 Series

The 9000 Series is the smallest with 20 different colors. This vibrant collection mixes multiple colors into 1 skein and the variegation is done in alternating Long & Short lengths, which results in quick and dramatic color changes.

Cosmo Seasons 9000 Series

Each series has its own unique variegation pattern and each series will produce a slightly different look when you incorporate Cosmo Seasons into your hand embroidery or cross stitch projects. 

Cosmo Seasons Comparison Chart

Now that we understand how the color variegation differs, let's take a closer look at what this means in practical terms. What do the different Cosmo seasons threads look like when you incorporate them into your projects? 

Cosmo Seasons Comparison Hoop

In order to help explain the difference between the 3 series more clearly, I selected the green skein from each collection - Cosmo Seasons numbers 5015, 8022 and 9005. Then, I stitched up a sampler where I used each thread for the Satin Stitch, Back Stitch, Stem Stitch and Chain Stitch to see how the 3 different series compare side by side. 

Cosmo Seasons Satin Stitch

The difference between the three series is very easy to see in the Satin Stitch. The first bar on the Left was stitching with 5015. The middle bar was stitched with 8022 and the last bar on the Right was stitched with 9005. Since the 5000 series changes color evenly every 8cm, it is very easy to see the even and regular color changes throughout the bar. The 8000 series is characterized by a gentle and gradual color change that can be clearly seen in the middle bar. The Long/Short Quick color changes of the 9000 series produce a satin stitch with a lot of color change happening quickly and repeatedly. 

Line Stitches using Cosmo Seasons Floss

The three series perform similarly when used in linear stitches. The First line of each set of stitches is the 5000 series, the middle line is the 8000 series and the bottom line is the 9000 series. The first set is a 2.5" line done with the Back Stitch. The second set is the Stem Stitch and the third set is the Chain Stitch. The 9000 series produces the most visible color changes on these short lines of stitches whereas the gradual color change of the 8000 series is very subtle. 

Cosmo Season Variegated Floss Comparison

When to use which series will depend on several important factors. The first is color availability. While there are some color similarities across all 3 series (such as with the greens used here), more often than not you will find that certain colors or color combinations exist in only one of the series. So, your preferred color might be the deciding factor for you. 

Next, you may want to think about how you want to incorporate variegated colors into your design. Do you want to create a gradual and subtle look (8000 series) or something more dramatic that will stand out (9000 series)? What sort of stitches will you be using and how will the variegation pattern appear using that stitch? If you fill an area using long/short stitches done in horizontal rows the variegation pattern will look very different than if you used the same thread to fill the same area with a Satin stitch in a different orientation. Do you want even bands of color (5000 series) or a more organic, random color change pattern (9000 series)? 

Finally, you will want to think about the size of the area you would like to use the variegated thread in. In small spaces, you may want to use a 9000 series thread so that the color variegation can be easily seen because you may not see very much color change in an 8000 series thread in a small space. Or if you are filling in a large space, the more gradual color changes in the 5000 or 8000 series will produce a more subtle color change effect that will blend more easily with a larger design. 

Snuggly Monkey Cosmo Seasons Chart

Variegated threads can add visual interest and movement to your stitch work. With 140 colors to choose from and three different variegation patterns, the Cosmo Season variegated floss collection can help you achieve the perfect effect. Download the Seasons Comparison Chart above to help you pick which series is right for your next project. (To download, simply right click or long press on the image above and select "Save Image As...") 

Snuggly Monkey proudly stocks the entire Cosmo embroidery floss collection - all 501 solid colors, 140 variegated colors and 52 metallic threads. Each series in the Cosmo Seasons collection is available as individual skeins or in a variety of color sets. Explore the colorful world of Cosmo Seasons!


  • Betsy Foster

    Fabu;ous information. Thanks so much for putting it all in the same place!

  • Betsy Foster

    Fabu;ous information. Thanks so much for putting it all in the same place!


    What a terrific illustration of the differences! I’ve bookmarked this for future reference. Thanks so much!

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