Limited Edition Embroidery Kit :: Walking Each Other Home

Limited Edition Embroidery Kit :: Walking Each Other Home

When was the last time someone offered to walk you home? Maybe it was a concerned friend making sure you felt safer getting home. Or, maybe it was a loved one that wanted to spend just a little bit more time with you. It is that spirit of kindness, neighborly caring and togetherness that is represented in the latest Snuggly Monkey Limited Edition Embroidery Kit release - Walking Home by Sarah Beth Timmons

Walking Each Other Home Embroidery Kit

Limited Edition Kits Series

The Snuggly Monkey Limited Edition Embroidery Kit series is an opportunity for stitchers to learn about and from a wide variety of independent designers that do not usually offer kits of their patterns. Snuggly Monkey works with independent designers to purchase a limited commercial license for one of their designs so that we are authorized to print their design and create complete kits for you! 

Our carefully curated kits include the design pre-printed on cotton fabric and American Made Muslin backing fabric. We use a pinking blade to cut the fabric for you  in order to minimize fraying, so that it is ready for you to begin stitching as soon as you receive it. In addition to the pre-printed design, the kit also includes Cosmo Embroidery Floss, a Snuggly Monkey needleminder, Bohin embroidery needles, a full color stitch guide with the DMC-Cosmo conversion and a link to download the complete pattern and stitching instructions. 

The limited commercial license allows us to produce 75 kits for each design. We release about six kits a year (one every two months). Since the series is not a subscription or club, the kits are available to everyone on a first come first serve basis. 

Sarah Beth Timmons

Sarah Beth Timmons is the talented designer behind this month's kit. As a graphic designer and embroidery artist, Sarah runs her own embroidery pattern subscription clubs, works with small businesses on their graphic design needs and is a Sign Artist for Trader Joes. 

After being a longtime admirer of Sarah's work, I joined her Calendar Subscription Club in 2021. Even though I have only finished three months so far, it is my hope to complete the entire calendar one day. I learned so much about color blending and stitching letters from working on Sarah's patterns. I can't wait to work on Walking Each Other Home! 

Januray Embroidery Pattern by Sarah Beth Timmons

Walking Each Other Home

Ram Dass's quote "We are all just walking each other home" has been interpreted many different ways over the years. For me, this quote evokes feelings of care, compassion, kindness and love. When I think back to the times in my life when someone offered to walk me home or when I offered to walk someone else home, it was so that we could feel safer in each other's company, or because we wanted to spend a little more time together chatting and laughing. Walking someone home is an act of kindness, and I think that the world could use more kindness and neighborly caring right about now. 

I hope that you enjoy the latest kit release. While there is no formal stitch along planned with these kits, I will be stitching up this pattern starting this week and sharing my progress on Instagram & Facebook. Please tag @snugglymonkey or #snugglymonkey and share your progress with our stitching community. We'd love to see your project!  

The next kit will be released towards the end of September/beginning of October and is a perfect Fall stitching project that we hope you will enjoy. 


  • Kathy Sitzman

    My sister and I will each be stitching the pattern together. She is in Utah and I am in North Carolina and we have not seen each other for three years due to the pandemic. Oh how we wish we could be together again to walk and talk with each other- to walk each other home. We are both so excited to start these kits together—together in heart, soul, and stitching, while still so physically far away from each other. The sentiment on this project perfectly reflects how we feel. Thank-you for creating it!

  • Pat Diaz

    This has always been one of my most favorite quotes. To me it means that we’re all in this together and our purpose is to be kind to others, help each other get through life, encourage each other, lift each other up. What a beautiful stitchery design! Thank you for picking this one (although I suck at satin stitch). 😀

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