The Loome Tool

The Loome Tool

Pom poms & tassels & weaving - oh my! The Loome tool has arrived! This wonderfully versatile little piece of wooden wonder helps you to easily create pom poms in various sizes, tassels, small weavings, friendship bracelets and cording. A tool that is this much fun and easy to use is definitely a new essential in your crafting toolbox. 

The Loome comes in 4 different shapes. They can all do pretty much the same thing, but there are a few differences between the models. So, let's take a look at each one a little more closely to find the one that will work best for you! 

Big A

Are you most interested in doing some weaving? If so, then Big A is for you. With extra notches on the bottom, you can set up 6-12 warps with Big A versus only 3-6 with the other models. This model can still make pom poms and tassels and friendship bracelets, but its shape makes it the easiest one to set up for weaving projects. This is also a great one for kids because its compact design fits perfectly in little hands. 


If making pom poms and tassels are your thing, then Chromosome is for you. This model even let's you make 2 pom poms at the same time (one on each end)! You can make pom poms as small as 0.5" and as big as 2.25" with this tool (depending on how much yarn you use and trimming down you do). 


Robot is another great choice for crafting with kids. Not only does it have a cool name that kids love, the compact design and straight sides makes it easier for small hands to hold. Like Chromosome, this is a great one for making pom poms and tassels, and you can make 2 at the same time on either end. 

Slingshot XL

The Slingshot XL is the biggest of the Loome tools measuring 7.35" tall x 3.2" wide. This model lets you make extra large pom poms (up to 3.2"!) and longer tassels. It also features a ruler etched into the handle that allows you to easily measure out the length of your cord, bracelets and weavings while you work. 

This handy side-by-side chart let's you compare the four models to find the perfect fit for your crafty life. 

Need some project inspiration? Check out the #myloome hashtag on Instagram to see how other makers are putting their Loome's to use. 

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