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Kokuyo Karu Cut Washi Tape Cutter

The clever Karu Cut Washi Tape cutter clips on to virtually any standard sized washi tape roll to allow you to cut clean strips of tape quickly and easily. Simply clip the cutter onto your roll of tape and pull along the serrated blade to make a clean cut of tape.

:: Kokuyo Karu Cut Washi Tape Cutter
:: Available in two different sizes: Small (Ideal for washi tape that measures 10-15mm in width) or Large (ideal for tapes 20-25mm)
:: Color: White
:: Made in Thailand

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Stacey Montalvo
Best washi tape accessory!

You don't realize how much you need this until you actually have it! Let's get real, you could use scissors to cut washi tape. But I promise you, this cutter is way more fun and easy to use! I bought one and then loved it so much I bought more. A must have if you have washi tape.


After struggling for an embarrassingly long time with neatly tearing my washi tape, it's a delight to have such a handy tool! It slips right over the roll and makes both dispensing and cutting my washi tape a breeze. I bought both sizes and highly recommend them!

Lee Chappell Monroe
Really Great for Washi Lovers

I bought both sizes! I love it and want one for all of my washi tape. I really only had one tape that needed the large size, but I’ll be buying a bunch of the small ones. Check your collection for the perfect size :-)