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Embroidery Needle Threader

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The unique flat-tip design of the Clover Embroidery Needle Threader is ideal for use with thicker embroidery threads, metallic threads, perle cottons and embroidery floss. Smooth threading even with thick threads.

:: Clover Embroidery Threader
:: Size: 2-1/4" long x 3/4" wide (5.7cm x 1.9cm)
:: Includes plastic cap to protect the threading tip when not in use
:: Features a unique flat tip for large eye embroidery & tapestry needles
:: Excellent for threading thicker threads and metallic floss
:: Made in Japan

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Candice J
Game Changer!

I have difficulty threading multiple strands of floss. I bought a Clover desktop, push-button threader (not from Snuggly Monkey) and it became the bane of my existence. I was hesitant to buy another Clover threader; but, friends, trust the Staff Picks! This is a game changer for me. Indispensable for crewel/embroidery needles!

michelle Giesey

I was so excited to get this as threading needles is getting more difficult by the year, even with readers!
That said, it would not fit through the embroidery needle that came with a kit that I ordered! Sorely disappointed in that. It does, however, fit through the shashiko needles I purchased and I love how simple needle threading has become!

Mari P
Must have!

I’ve been using the old Susan B Anthony needle threaders my whole life and this is a game changer. Needed for the thicker threads. Works great! Definitely won’t be breaking like the old Susans!

Great Threader!

This is worth getting for embroidery and sashiko needle threading. Durable! The green makes it easy to find and the plump little grip is nice.

Abby C
Love this

I love this needle threader. It’s so easy to use and saves me loads of time.