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EverSewn 7 inch Easy Twist Embroidery Hoop

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EverSewn Easy Twist embroidery hoops are a Snuggly Monkey favorite! These fantastic plastic hoops feature a unique interlocking fabric gripper that keeps your fabric securely in place while you stitch. The large tightening knob makes opening and closing the hoop a breeze. 

:: Eversewn Easy Twist Embroidery Hoop
:: Size: 7 inch Diameter (18 cm)
:: Plastic Aqua outer hoop with a white inner hoop
:: Large easy to hold tightening knob
:: Inner and Outer Hoops feature patented interlocking fabric gripper

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Gail M
Another 5 stars for Eversewn hoop!

I bought this after reading how the hoop kept fabric taunt. It does indeed- I tend to slightly push with the side of my of my index finger when inserting the needle- the tightness of the fabric in this hoop made me aware of this bad habit, so I’m working to correct it.

Marsha Silver
Very good hoop

This is a really good hoop. It holds the fabric tension tight which I personally like. The one thing I don’t like is that the tightening screw is on the left side which make it counter intuitive for a righty.

Sarah L.
Hoop worked well!

This hoop provided great tension and worked really well. I would buy it again for sure, but I think this one will last a long time!

Favorite Hoop

Just love the way this hoop keeps the fabric tight as a drum !!!
And I love the fact that the "hardware" lives in its own plastic house....it keeps me from getting my floss entangled in the screws and such.
My personal fav !!!

Love this hoop

This is my favorite Hoop so far. The fabric stays nicely in place and tension is not changing like with some of the bamboo hoops