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Wooden Kokeshi Doll Pin Cushion

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Handcrafted by artisans in Tsugaru, Japan, these beautiful Wooden Kokeshi Doll Pin Cushions celebrate the art and history of Kokeshi Doll making in northern Japan. In collaboration with the Tsugaru Kokeshi Museum, these dolls were designed to add a modern, functional twist to the traditional kokeshi doll. 

Each doll opens to reveal a pure wool pin cushion inside, which can help prevent needles from rusting. The base features a small  magnet so that the Kokeshi Doll can be used to pick up stray pins and needles on your work surface as well. The pin cushion includes three Meboso Hachirobei Shoten sewing needles. 

Each Kokeshi Doll Pin Cushion is carefully crafted by hand. Artisans hand paint the facial expressions on each doll, so small variations may occur. Additionally, natural variations in color and wood grain are also possible.

:: One (1) Wooden Kokeshi Doll Pin Cushion by Cohana
:: Each doll measures 1-7/8"w x 4-1/4"h x 1-15/16"d (W47×H108×D49mm)
:: Available in your choice of colors: Pink, Slate Blue or Teal Green
:: Includes 3 Meboso sewing needles that measure 36.44m in length and 0.71mm thickness

Please note:  The surface is coated with lacquer, but if you polish it with wet hands or a cloth, the color may fade.When cleaning, please polish it with a dry cloth.