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Felt Embroidery Craft Kit - Professor Hare Stargazer

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Based in Yorkshire, England, Corinne Lapierre has become internationally renowned for her range of charming felt sewing and embroidery kits, inspired by nature, folk art, and Scandinavian designs. Accessible to crafters of all abilities and anyone looking for an original gift, the kits are beautifully presented in eco-friendly folk craft boxes and contain everything needed to bring your creations to life.


:: Professor Hare Stargazer Felt Craft Kit by Corinne Lapierre

:: Kit includes:

- Soft wool-mix felt
- A needle
- DMC embroidery thread
- Toy filling
- Ribbon
- Instructions, templates and a stitch guide

:: Made in the United Kingdom

Customer Reviews

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Fun little project!

Im a pretty middling level of skill in needlecraft and this hit the right spot - not too challenging but not the easiest either.

The directions were clear, though beginner sewers should note that the felt pieces are not pre-cut nor drawn. You'll need to use the paper templates provided to cut your pieces and then embroider free hand.

Don't worry, tho - you get plenty of materials, more than you'll need, which leaves you the opportunity to make mistakes or add your own embellishments. (I added some extra felt rolls to the telescope to make it more obviously a telescope, for example.) It even includes a ribbon if you want to make it an ornament, though there were no directions for that specifically.

The design is particularly charming. I really enjoyed the spirals and the fact that they looked more organic due to the freehand nature. I think my only gripe is that this bunny has two arms and two lovely ears, but only one foot. I can only imagine he is intended to be viewed from the side. If I'd paid more attention, I might have adjusted the design a hare (get it?) and crafted two feet out of felt for him instead.

Still, I'm very happy with my new little rabbit friend and i definitely got my money's worth in materials and time spent!