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Au Ver a Soie Surfine & Silk Ribbon Discovery Pack -Yellow

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Explore the world of Au Ver a Soie silk threads with their unique Discovery Packs! These color themed sets give you the opportunity to stitch with five different kinds of Au Ver a Soie thread and find your favorite.

The Surfine/4mm Ribbon packs include one of each of the following threads:

  • Soie d’Alger : 7 strands silk loosely plyed that can be split easily. This silk is made of spun silk which gives it an unrivaled regularity, lustrous and softness.
  • Soie Perlée : 3 ply twisted filament silk, is made of the best qualities of raw silk which gives it an unrivaled brightness and softness.
  • Métallisé tressé 4 : Soft and resistant braid for all needlework . 
  • Soie Surfine : a blend of 2 strands of moderate brilliance, made from silk schappe (combed silk), it is perfect for all uses in the field of needlework. 
  • 4mm Silk Ribbon : the ribbon is woven from pure silk and dyed on skeins to get perfect colour-homogeneity. 
:: Au Ver a Soie Surfine/4mm Ribbon Discovery Pack
:: Color Set: Yellow
:: Includes 5 full spools/skeins of Au Ver a Soie thread
:: Made in France

Customer Reviews

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Sam E

It's hard to find just the right yellow and all of these hit the mark. The Soie Surfine is a gentle lemon chiffon that glides through fabric and adds lovely soft sheen to your work (it's perfect with greys). The shimmery yellow Métallisé tressé 4 really pops on darker backgrounds and smoothly moves without catching like some metallics can. The Soie Perlee is vibrant on white as well as dark backgrounds and really stands out with both its intensity and its 3-ply thickness. Soft is an understatment - this is downright buttery! The Soie D'Alger can be split and each strand still is so soft and lovely. I am in love with this pack and highly recommend it.