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Alison Glass Wonderfil Perle Cotton - Opal (2124)

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Wonderfil Specialty Threads teamed up with designer, Alison Glass, to create a vibrant collection of luxury perle cotton threads suitable for all your stitching needs from hand embroidery and applique to crochet and Sashiko. 

This gorgeous 2-ply 100% long staple Egyptian cotton thread is double-gassed and mercerized, resulting in a wonderfully smooth and lustrous finish that allows the thread to glide beautifully through all types of fabrics. The thread’s tight twist creates beautifully firm stitches while its surface sheen produces a luxurious finish to your stitching project.

:: One (1) ball of Wonderfil Perle Cotton Thread - Alison Glass Collection
:: Color: Opal (2124)
:: Thread Size: 8
:: Length: 5g (38.4m, 42yd) per ball
:: Double gassed thread (lint has been burned off twice which results in a softer, cleaner finish)

Customer Reviews

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Isabella Wiggins
Smooth and pretty

This skein was my first purchase of Wonderfil perle cotton #8. Being new to size 8 perle cotton, I was pleasantly impressed with the way it glides through wool and felt. While it is comparable to about 3 strands of 6 ply floss, it stitches up much nicer because it is a single strand. I can’t wait to try some variegated colors!