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Add-A-Quarter 6 Inch Ruler

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The Add-A-Quarter ruler has long been a favorite in the world of quilting because it combines the speed of rotary cutting quilt pieces with the accuracy of using templates. Once your templates are made, the Add-A-Quarter will automatically add the customary 1/4" seam allowance to any straight angle and provide a straight edge for your rotary cutter.

The Add-A-Quarter also works greats for drawing out Sashiko grids on any fabric. Simply line up the 1/4" ridge with your previous mark line to quickly and efficiently create the perfect 1/4" grid for Sashiko stitching. Pair with a Chaco Liner pen for easy marking. 

:: Add A Quarter Ruler
:: Size: 1" x 6" (2.54cm x 15.2cm)
:: Features a 1/4" lip
:: Heavy duty Acrylic plastic ruler