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Clover Chacopel Fine Marking Pencils with Sharpener

Easily mark patterns and embroidery designs with the Clover Chacopel Fine Marking Pencil Set. This 4-color combo pack allows you to transfer designs that can be wiped away with water. With blue, pink, yellow and white pencils you can transfer onto dark or light fabrics with ease.

:: Clover Chacopel Fine Marking Pencil Set
:: Includes 3 pencils in White, Yellow and Blue/Pink Combo Pencil
:: Steel Blade Sharpener included
:: White & Yellow pencils include brush-style cap to help dust off excess markings
:: Re-sharpen the tip with the included pencil sharpener
:: Made in Japan

Customer Reviews

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Great marking pencils for precise lines!

I normally use one of those chalk rollers do mark notches and darts on my sewing projects, but these are even more precise to work with! The included pencil sharpener gets the points very sharp and you get a good clean line. I also like that there are multiple color options so at one of them should show up on whatever you are marking. You can use the little brush “erasers” to remove the markings as needed. Highly recommend these for sewers or anyone else who needs to mark up fabric!