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Clover Chacopy Pattern Transfer Paper

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Easily transfer embroidery, Sashiko and sewing patterns onto fabric with Clover Chacopy Tracing Paper. Simply place the tracing paper (ink color side down on the fabric) between your pattern and the fabric, using a tracing tool/pen copy the design on your pattern and watch it appear on your fabric. Use the White or Yellow paper to transfer designs onto dark fabrics!

:: Clover Chacopy Tracing Paper
:: Includes 5 Sheets  of single sided copy paper in 5 different Colors
:: Included Colors: Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow, White
:: Each sheet measures 10" x 12" (25cm x 30cm)
:: Chalk markings wash away with water (Be careful not to iron the markings as this will set the ink into the fabric)
:: Made in Japan

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Stacey Montalvo
Didn't work for me

I feel bad admitting this, but I have not been able to transfer a single mark with these. Yes, I have made sure the chalk side was facing the fabric (it's the side that is colored). Yes, I have used it on a hard surface and traced the lines with constant pressure. I have tried to use this on quilting cottons to transfer sashiko grids and embroidery patterns. I have watched videos online for tips and to make sure I am doing it correctly. I have tried pressing harder while tracing the lines. I still haven't gotten this to work.

Carolann Ort

Transfers great without loosing lines on images.