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Little House Needle Caps

Needle caps are a versatile tool that can protect the tip of your needle or help keep your thread in place. Particularly useful in Sashiko stitching, when you are done stitching just slip the cap onto the tip of the needle to keep sharp tip protected and avoid accidentally sticking yourself. Alternatively, you can slip the cap over the eye of your needle to keep the thread securely in place during storage. 

:: Little House Needle Caps
:: Each set contains three (3) metal caps
:: Fits needles between 0.51mm ~ 0.64mm
:: Made in Japan by Little House

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Sandi Hankinson
So helpful

These needle caps are great for using on my Sashiko projects.

Klutz Approved!

If you have ever accidentally bled on your embroidery projects, you need these. I bought a needle minder and that helped, but it still wasn't enough to curb my injuries. These little caps have saved me from stabbing myself about seven times since I bought them a week ago. They are as tiny as you would expect the cap for a needle to be, but since you handle needles regularly you won't find them too fiddly. They stay on my needles well and they play nicely with my needle minder since they are metal. Love them!

Cindy L.
Little needle caps

I really like these! Had never seen them before purchasing them here. Will definitely buy more.😎🐕‍🦺

Heidi Parkes
These are cool!!!!

Sometimes I quilt with more than one active needle, and I certainly have been known to pause a project mid-stitch, ball it up, and shove it in a tote bag! These are great at helping me avoid blood! My previous solution was a little saliva on a blood stain in my fabric, but that's decidedly less necessary now! I do need to sew a darling magnetized needle cap minder for when they're not in use, but miraculously: I purchased 6 in August 2021, and I still have 6, so I must be keeping track of them somehow! 😉🥳

Great for keep needles secure

I cannot wait to use these while camping this summer. I will be able to keep my needles with my project and not lose them at the campsite.