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Needle Pullers

Ever have trouble pulling a needle through fabric? Does it strain your fingers to get a good grip on your needle? The EverSewn Silicon Needle Pullers save your fingers by protecting them with a sturdy, cushioned grip. Place your needle between the pullers to grip and pull threads without slipping and finger strain.

:: EverSewn Silicon Finger Pullers
:: Pack includes 2 pullers in 2 different sizes (1 Small and 1 Medium)
:: Color: Aqua
:: Made of Silicon

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Good little tools

These are nice to have on hand for pulling needles out of tight spots. My only problem is I tend to misplace them. Other than that, a good notion to have on hand.

Melissa H.
be gentle

These are great needle pullers but you have to be gentle. Unfortunately one of my needle pullers tore while putting it on my finger.

Elana N.
Too small

I love the idea of these and they definitely keep my fingers from getting sore, but they don't fit me that well. After wearing them more than a few minutes, my finger tips get tingly and I have to take them off. I don't think it said in the listing but this set comes with a small and a medium size, medium and large would fit me better. I'll be looking for a different kind but if you have smaller fingers these would be great!

Nicole F.
Good Product

I really like these and use them when doing sashiko stitching with denim. The smaller one for my index finger is a little loose and I'm not sure if it stretched a bit over time or I have small fingers. Overall, these are very helpful and I would recommend them.