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Extra Fine Point Water Erasable Marking Pen

The Chacopa Artist Extra Fine Point Water Erase Marking Pen will help you transfer markings and designs for applique, quilting, embroidery and other handicrafts. This water erasable marker draws a fine, smooth line that can be easily erased with water.

:: Water Erasable Extra Fine Point Marking Pen
:: Ink Color: Blue
:: Made in Japan
:: Do not iron over marks or launder as this may heat set the markings and make them permanent
:: Remove marks as soon as possible. Marks left on more than 2 weeks may be difficult to remove.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Mary Howard
Chacopa Artist Pen

I absolutely love this pen. It is very thin compared to others on the market and it is just the right color to see when you want to sew on it

These pens are the best

When you need a water soluable. Fine tip pen to show up on denim, this is it!

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The pen writes very finely - but you do need to trace a little quickly. If you hold in one spot the ink will spread and you'll get a thicker spot. Great for making dots (noting for french knots, etc). Shows up very well on light fabric and comes out cleanly when wet.

Naomi K.

I'm new-ish to embroidery and researched transfer methods and products for a while before making a purchase. Am glad I opted for this pen as it works perfectly!

Kathleen S Ely
Perfect for delicate work.

This marker makes a nice fine line. Even on my 28 count linen, it leaves such a fine line I can my designs on track.