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Kyowa Silicone Rubber Bands

In 1917, Hirozo Nishijima succeeded in developing the world's first transparent rubber band using heat vulcanization.  It was a great invention, humbly dazzling in its pure candy color and unquestionable quality and utility.  The firm Nishijima founded continues to make Japan's best-selling, most respected rubber bands.  

This is a new type of rubber band made from silicone - the color is vivid and transparent. Kyowa calls this the 'dignified band'. More resistant to heat and cold than natural rubber, also helpful for those with rubber allergies. Choose from six colors: clear, light blue, light green, pink, red and yellow.

:: Kyowa Silicone Bands
:: Single Color Packs Available in 3 different colors: White, Red or Blue
:: All bands are size #16 (2.4" flat before stretching)
:: Approx. 30 bands per package
:: Made of Silicone 
:: Made in Japan

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Heidi Parkes
Def the nicest rubber bands in my home.

I'd been thinking that these could help me with thread storage, but I also purchased the thread huggers here and those were incredible. I may be addicted now.... I'm not sure what I'll use these bands for, but they're cute, and they probably won't get all crumpled, brittle, and gooey like normal bands, so I'm very happy that I tried these out!

Gail M
Pretty bands

So much nicer than old fashioned office rubber bands!