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Another 5 stars for Eversewn hoop!

I bought this after reading how the hoop kept fabric taunt. It does indeed- I tend to slightly push with the side of my of my index finger when inserting the needle- the tightness of the fabric in this hoop made me aware of this bad habit, so I’m working to correct it.

This pouch must be magical!

I cannot believe how much this pouch holds! I purchased this for stitching supplies but decided to use it for art supplies for an upcoming trip. Markers, pens, pencils, watercolors, brushes, scissors, glue - it all fits! The material of the pouch is top quality and the zippers are sturdy. I love the big ring zipper pulls also. Highly recommend this product!

Beautiful Craft Room Addition!

I have been doing more embroidery lately and have started using separate pin cushions to organize the needles and floss for each project. The Liberty of London Apple Pincushion is a great addition: it is so colorful and larger than many of my other pin cushions. Right now, I have it displayed on the top go my floss cabinet. Thanks for carrying these and for the great service Snuggly Monkey always has. Love to you all! CM

Excellent quality

The fabric on which this project is stamped is first quality. I've never seen a pre-hemmed stamped fabric before. The fabric was a nicely heavy fabric that needled beautifully. I am very impressed.

Use it every day!

And it makes me smile. The magnets are strong and it keeps very good track of my needle, exactly what I need it to do.

Thread Cutter Pendant
Hunter Blanton
I love this thread cutter!!!

It works well and is easy to keep track of if you choose to wear it around your neck and it takes up much less space than scissors in my tiny notions bag. And, TSA is not going to take this away from me!

Excellent quality needles.

I wanted to give french knots a try and milliner needles help with the process. Please be a ware that these needles have very small eyes that do not really support size 8 perle cotton. However Tulip does make a big eye milliners needle that is also pretty amazing and does work well with the thread I wanted to use.

Really nice thread

The deep blue colors provide a lot of contrast and light color fabrics. The darkest blue has some deep green undertones that are very obvious on light fabrics.

Beautiful color collection

I purchased these for my first attempt at hitomezashi. They worked very well and are especially easy to work with.

Basic Sashiko Tools Kit
Hunter Blanton
Excellent quality materials!

Just the basics for starting sashiko. Great quality and price! I use them every day.

Terrific fabric for sashiko samplers!

This fabric is easy to work with and the 5 mm spaced dots have really helped me ease into sashiko as an embroidery novice. Thanks, Snuggly Monkey, for finding such great materials.

My First Perle Cotton!

This is my first experience with perle cotton and boy is it a good one! The thread is very soft and silky and the colors are vibrant.

Adorable Variegated Thread

I am enjoying the cute spring colors of this variegated yellow, pink, & blue sashiko thread. It is a good thickness to hand quilt a baby quilt. The cone makes it easy to use too.

Lovely Variegated Sashiko Thread

This is a beautiful variegated pink, purple, & blue hued sashiko thread. I like that the colors are soft. The cone takes up a little more room, but it makes the thread easier to adjust the length & it has less tangling. This thread has a medium thickness & makes my stitches look cleaner, but less soft than the olympus skeins.

Beautiful Bonus Perk

I got this set with my bonus points and I am pleased with the assortment of colors and the quality of the Cosmos embroidery floss!

Very Beginner Friendly

This BeBe Bolds sampler is very beginner friendly since the stitches are large, the instructions are written in detailed English instructions with pictures, & the single layer of fabric is easy to stitch through. The red fabric is a pretty burgundy, which would work great for Christmas and feels heavier than some other samplers. I took 1 star off, because I think it should have backing fabric & the fabric should be preprinted in washable ink with the circles it has you draw in. Overall, it is a fun quick sampler & I may get another color to frame as a gift.

Bold colors, like a Phoenix!

I love this new perle cotton. It's very smooth, and I didn't experience any heavy knotting or tangles as I embroidered with it. The color transitions are a little harder to distinguish with this colorway, but it's easy to just "unwrap" two loops from the way the thread is packaged and cut the thread there for a single color transition (stitching with both cut ends knotted together).

Great color combo with a nice texture

I love the color transitions for this perle cotton! I couldn't figure out how to easily pull the thread off the cardboard tab, so I just unwound the entire thing and put it onto a plastic bobbin. It's easy to see where the color repeat begins so you can cut just the right length. Please note that the size 8 perle cotton is NOT pre-cut into lengths. It's just one continuous strand (the description suggests there might be pre-cut lengths, but that might be for the floss, I don't know).

Vibrant color

This thread has the most vibrant color. I love the packaging, makes it easy to untie and use.

Beautiful for flowers love it buy it you won't be sorry you did


My best friend loves Gnomes so I purchased this for her to use when she’s cross stitching her Gnome pictures.

Flannel Solids - Natural
Flannel Solids - Natural

My second order for this flannel. I really like it!

Mystery Cosmo Embroidery Floss Set (12 skeins)

What a nice way to use my reward points! Love Cosmo and love the colors!

Great size & markings

This ruler is perfect for measuring on the diagonal and cutting/trimming small blocks on a rotating mat.

Sashiko Kit - Turquoise Koi (No 39)
Anna anna.tatistcheff@gmail.com
Cute and easy to follow!

I wanted a small project to try out Sashiko stitching, and this kit was the perfect introduction. I chose the needle and thread option, and was able to stitch the entire project within a few hours. My plan is to sew a darker border around the edges, then make it into a pillow. Highly recommend!