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8"x8" Q-Snap Needlework Frame

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The 8"x8" Q-Snap frame is ideal for medium sized projects.  Q-snap frames are a favorite of needleworkers for embroidery, counted cross-stitch, hand quilting, beading, fabric painting and more. The frame holds your project taunt while leaving the fabric free off wrinkles and marks.

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` One 8"x8" frame
` Collapsable for easy storage
` Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jackie Granelli

I really wish someone had told me about this thing sooner; it is beyond handy and I can’t live without it.

Sally B
GREAT frame

This frame is great! It keeps your work very taught while you are working. Keeping the fabric tight makes it a lot easier for me to do fancier stitches and knots. It can easily be taken apart and stored in quite a small space if needed. I find the square frame easier to hold than a traditional round hoop. I will be getting a few in other sizes!

Robyn A.
Didn’t Know What I Was Missing

I recently purchased this 8x8” frame. I usually stitch “in hand” for sashiko as well as counted cross stitch. I have scroll frames for mounting canvas, but find them cumbersome. This q-snap frame is amazing: it’s easy to move around my canvas, and it gives me the right amount of tension on my canvas to make stitching a breeze. The 8x8” size is just right for my hand, and I don’t have to constantly adjust my grip. I will consider other sizes in the future, but am content with this 8” square for my current projects.