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Au Ver a Soie Gobelin/Paris Thread Discovery Pack - Pink

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Explore the world of Au Ver a Soie silk threads with their unique Discovery Packs! These color themed sets give you the opportunity to stitch with five different kinds of Au Ver a Soie thread and find your favorite.

The Gobelin/Paris packs include one of each of the following threads:

  • Soie d’Alger : 7 strands silk loosely plyed that can be split easily. This silk is made of spun silk which gives it an unrivaled regularity, lustrous and softness.
  • Soie Perlée : 3 ply twisted filament silk, is made of the best qualities of raw silk which gives it an unrivaled brightness and softness.
  • Métallisé tressé 4 : Soft and resistant braid for all needlework . 
  • Soie de Paris : 6 strand filament silk, easily separable, made of raw silk
  • Soie Gobelins : 2 ply high twisted filament silk made of raw silk
:: Au Ver a Soie Gobelin/Paris Discovery Pack
:: Color Set: Pinks
:: Includes 5 full spools/skeins of Au Ver a Soie thread
:: Made in France

Customer Reviews

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I had to buy the hot pinks, because well, hot pink. It's also a good way to try all the different types of thread. I only wish there were more packs with different types of silks, or ribbon!