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Basic Sashiko Tools Kit

One of the wonderful things about Sashiko is that you just need a few basic tools to get started. With some good Sashiko needles, a palm thimble, a marking pencil, some Sashiko thread and some fabric you can start on your stitching journey. The Basic Sashiko Tool Kit includes a set of Olympus Sashiko needles with 1 long and 1 short needle, a Sashiko Palm thimble, to help you push your needle through multiple layers of fabric, and a Clover Water Soluble White Marking Pencil for sketching out patterns or stitching guidelines. Browse our selection of over 100 Sashiko threads to select your favorite color(s) and start stitching!

:: Basic Sashiko Tools Kit
:: Kit includes 1 pack of Olympus Sashiko needles, 1 Clover Palm Thimble and 1 White Clover Marking Pencil.