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Clover Iron Off Water Soluble Marking Pen - White

Clover Water Soluble Marker is convenient for marking and copying detailed designs for Applique, Embroidery, Handicrafts, Sewing and Quilting. Marking can be easily removed with water. As the ink dries on the fabric, white markings will become more visible and will disappear upon ironing or spraying with water.

The ink will appear clear as it comes out of the roller ball tip, but will darken to a White within a few seconds as the ink dries. Ink is erasable by ironing over or with water

:: Clover Iron Off/Water Soluable Marking Pen
:: Ink Color: White
:: Made in Japan

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
michelle Giesey
This pen works great on dark fabric, especially denim.

I tried this pen on some soft, double sided linen and it was like invisible ink, it took over ten minutes to actually show up. But be patient, it does show up. This pen is a great tool for your stitching tool box!

Sherry B
excellent marking tool for dark fabric!

I've been mending my dark-wash jeans and started out using the white Clover Chacopel pencil -- that can also be found here at Snuggly Monkey! -- which worked okay but I wasn't getting lines that were as well defined as I was hoping for. My denim was also pretty thin where I was patching it and the pencil sort of tore through the fabric a bit due to the pressure I was applying. I decided to give this pen a try to see if the smoother action of the ink rolling out would work better . . . couldn't be more pleased with the results! I was so excited I wore the pants without thinking about washing off the markings, lol, and wore them all day before remembering -- oops! The markings faded quite a bit with just my wearing them/walking/sitting as the mend is on the inner back thigh. Jeans have now been washed -- just cold/tap temperature and not dried -- and there's a bit of the gridlines I drew still visible but you have to be pretty close and know what you are looking for. Short review -- this pen worked so well for my purposes of drawing gridlines on dark denim for mending, would highly recommend.