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Cohana Embroidery Needle Pack

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Cohana Embroidery Needles are supple yet durable, and manufactured in Hiroshima, a city with a 300-year history of high-quality needle production. Rigorous quality control ensures unified thickness and length of needles, and their ability to pierce cloth with ease.

The package is specially made with Haibara Chiyogami. Chiyogami is a traditional Japanese paper with patterns printed on it. Haibara is a traditional Japanese paper company, which has commissioned illustrators and artists of the time to create original designs for their Chiyogami through their 200-year business history. 


:: One pack of Cohana Embroidery Needles

:: Contains 5 needles in assorted sizes. 

:: Sharp tip to pierce easily even high-density fabrics. Excellent for most embroidery stitches.

:: Needle Dimensions (shortest to longest):

  • 2 pcs: 0.03" x 1.4" (0.71mm x 36mm)
  • 2 pcs: 0.03" x 1.5" (0.76mm x 39mm)
  • 1 pcs: 0.33" x 1.6" (84mm x 42mm)

:: Packaging made by Haibara, a Japanese paper Washi company in Tokyo. The paper pattern means ONAGADORI & BOTAN: Long-tailed Roosters & Peonies
This gorgeous pattern depicts long-tailed roosters and peonies, which are symbols of wealth, nobility, and prosperity. 

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Meg Ammerman
Needle love

I love a good needle and these are great!