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Creative Grids Mini Ruler - 2.5 in x 6 in

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This 2-1/2 x 6 inch rectangle ruler features easy-to-read black and pink markings and is actually three rulers in one. A 1/2 inch pink strip down the center of the ruler separates the ruler into two 1 inch x 6 inch sections. One side is printed in 1 inch grids marked in 1/8 inch and 1/4 inch increments with a 1/4 inch dashed line along the length of the ruler. The other side features a 1 inch x 3 inch segment printed with solid 1/8 inch solid grids and a 1 inch x 3 inch segment printed with 1/4 inch solid grids.

:: I Love My Quilt Friends Mini Ruler
:: Size: 2.5" x 6" 
:: Textured bottom surface to minimize slipping
:: Made in the USA