Cross Stitch Gauge

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A Cross Stitch Gauge is an essential tool in any stitcher's toolbox. This handy ruler will help you...
- find the thread count of your Aida or Linen fabric,
- figure out how big stitch dimensions are in inches or centimeters on different count fabrics (for example a 98 stitch wide design on 14 ct Aida measures 7 inches, but on 18 count Aida it will measure 5.5 inches)
- find your starting point off center if you wish to begin your next project on an edge rather than in the center

:: Gauge measures 3" x 10 " (7.6 cm x 25 cm)
:: Includes measurements for the following stitch counts: 11, 14,16,18,22,25,26 28, 30, 32, 36 and 40
:: Features 3 slots for easy count measurement on any fabric
:: Printed in dark blue ink on durable white plastic

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