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Daruma Carded Sashiko Thread - Gray (no. 217)

From the Daruma company in Japan comes this luxurious line of Sashiko threads. This is a single strand thread that is not meant to be divided. The thread is prewound on heavyweight cardboard bobbins for easy use. Just cut your desired length and start stitching.

:: Daruma Carded Sashiko Thread
:: Color: Gray (No. 217)
:: Length: 40 m (approx. 44 yards)
:: 100% cotton thread 

:: Available in Thin (20/4) or Medium (20/6) Weight
:: Matte finish (not shiny)
:: Made in Japan

Customer Reviews

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Gloria Catalano
Daruma med weight thread

Love the thin #4 Daruma carded thread. However, this is my first experience with the med weight #6 Daruma carded thread and find it separates into separate threads when you are sewing into your project.
Looks terrible when you can see a single thread sneaking out of the stitch. Lord forbid if you need to remove a stitch. You loose the entire length of thread.

So sorry to hear that the Daruma 20/6 thread did not meet your expectations Gloria. The difference between the 20/4 and the 20/6 is that there are 2 extra plies in the 20/6, but they should all be twisted together tightly to produce a thicker strand without unraveling. I am sorry that the thread is not behaving as it should.