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Daruma Carded Variegated Sashiko Thread - Sparkler (no. 302)

From the Daruma company in Japan comes this luxurious line of Sashiko threads. The Sashiko Thin line of thread is their thinest Sashiko thread (approximately the same as size 8 perle cotton) with a beautifully natural matte finish. This is a single strand thread that is not meant to be divided. The thread is prewound on heavyweight cardboard bobbins for easy use. Just cut your desired length and start stitching.

:: Daruma Thin Variegated Sashiko Thread
:: Color: Sparkler (No. 302)
:: Length: 40 m (approx. 44 yards)
:: 100% cotton thread 
:: Matte finish (not shiny)
:: Made in Japan

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jeanne Englebrecht
pretty thread

I have a confession...I don't always use sashiko thread for sashiko stitching! Sashiko thread is so useful for all types of handwork and stitches up nicely. I love this color combo, it is so dynamic.

Heidi Parkes
So Pretty!

This thread is so beautiful! I do a lot of hand quilting and hand piecing, and my usual choice in pearl size 8. I still like that best for strength because it's mercerized, BUT, for a thread this beautiful, I feel fully satisfied. (It's much better for my work than embroidery floss, which creates many frustrations in my work...)

Wasn’t sure…

about this color combo but Claudia convinced me it would be great for a border. She’s so right (as always ☺️)!