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DUX Pastel Pencil Sharpeners

DUX Pencil Sharpeners are the oldest German brand of pencil sharpeners that are renown for their exceptional quality. Since 1908, DUX has been manufacturing their metal sharpeners in Geretsried, Bavaria. The Pastel collection has two different size holes to sharpen standard and wide pencils with ease. The sturdy plastic container features a screw on top for easy cleaning and the aluminum sharpener in the cap has replaceable blades for years of usage. 

:: One (1) DUX Pastel Pencil Sharpener 
:: Measures 2" tall x 1.5" wide (5cm x 3.8cm)
:: Available in 4 different pastel colors: Pink, Green, Blue and Purple
:: Two different size sharpening holes to accommodate different size pencils
:: Plastic container with heavy duty aluminum sharpener 
:: Made in Germany

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
So Sharp

I bought this little sharpener awhile back, but haven't used it really, until now. It sharpens my colored pencils better than any hand held sharpener I have ever used. I bought it because I liked the two hole size options and while I don't have a lot of fat pencils, I love how well it works on the ones I do have. Love the idea of gifting these.

Lee M

Love the color and love the functionality. It doesn't leak shavings so you can toss it in a pouch. Love that it includes two sizes.

Love it

I've got a green one - love the color. And love that there are two size opening for sharpening. Often marking pencils are quite narrow making it difficult to sharpen them in the usual pencil sharpener.

Sarah B.
So sharp and sturdy- our favorite, especially on the go

My kids and I share many of these (they stay in my office, my to-go bags for when my kids need their drawing pencils sharpened when we're out homeschooling etc.) and they are such good quality. By far, they're my favorite hand held sharpener. I'll likely gift them to folks in the future with nice drawing books and other quality supplies. Tiny, quality stationary things are little pieces of luxury at your desk on a cloudy day, especially when you have writer's block. You can always sharpen pencils to find your momentum again.