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EverSewn 7 inch Easy Twist Embroidery Hoop

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EverSewn Easy Twist embroidery hoops are a Snuggly Monkey favorite! These fantastic plastic hoops feature a unique interlocking fabric gripper that keeps your fabric securely in place while you stitch. The large tightening knob makes opening and closing the hoop a breeze. 

:: Eversewn Easy Twist Embroidery Hoop
:: Size: 7 inch Diameter (18 cm)
:: Plastic Aqua outer hoop with a white inner hoop
:: Large easy to hold tightening knob
:: Inner and Outer Hoops feature patented interlocking fabric gripper

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Patricia Diaz
Best secure hoop

This is the only hoop I’ve ever used that does not go loose. You can set your project aside for a few days and it’s still tight it’s lightweight and you don’t get your threads tangled on open hardware. . I highly recommend this hoop!!

Great Hoop!

Very easy to use, as its title suggests! I love the color and the quality of the product. Going to get the 4 inch hoop next!

Stays tight

I have two of these hoops and I really love them. I have to stitch with my fabric drum tight and this keeps them tight for the whole stitching project! Highly recommend!

Great hoop

Love this hoop, made my projects so much easier and holds the fabric nice and taunt. Love it and always recommend them.

Whitney S
Stays tight, easy to use - great hoop!

This hoop is fantastic. I've used it for multiple complicated projects that have taken weeks to complete, and it never requires tightening. It requires none of the prepping bamboo or beech hoops require. It's also super easy to tighten, no screwdrivers required. The only downside to the fantastically effective and easy-on-the-hands screw mechanism is that it's slightly heavy. Which is of no consequence of you use an embroidery stand. I often don't, so the little bit of extra weight actually reminds me that it's good to take a break to stretch every once in awhile.

This is a really great hoop for people who like really taught fabric and for long term projects.