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EverSewn 7 inch Easy Twist Embroidery Hoop

EverSewn Easy Twist embroidery hoops are a Snuggly Monkey favorite! These fantastic plastic hoops feature a unique interlocking fabric gripper that keeps your fabric securely in place while you stitch. The large tightening knob makes opening and closing the hoop a breeze. 

:: Eversewn Easy Twist Embroidery Hoop
:: Size: 7 inch Diameter (18 cm)
:: Plastic Aqua outer hoop with a white inner hoop
:: Large easy to hold tightening knob
:: Inner and Outer Hoops feature patented interlocking fabric gripper

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Stacey Montalvo
Treat yourself to this hoop

I didn't even realize how much of a pain other hoops were- until I used this one. The tightening knob is larger and so much easier to work than cheap hoops. This hoop keeps your fabric taut like a drum. For right-handed embroiderers your thread doesn't get caught on the screw. Plus, I tended to push through the fabric when holding other hoops, but with this I just hold onto the top (with my left hand) and don't seem to push through the fabric as much!

Do your hands a favor and buy it to work all your embroidery. Then you can just buy the cheap hoops to put your finished work in.

Gail M
Another 5 stars for Eversewn hoop!

I bought this after reading how the hoop kept fabric taunt. It does indeed- I tend to slightly push with the side of my of my index finger when inserting the needle- the tightness of the fabric in this hoop made me aware of this bad habit, so I’m working to correct it.

Marsha Silver
Very good hoop

This is a really good hoop. It holds the fabric tension tight which I personally like. The one thing I don’t like is that the tightening screw is on the left side which make it counter intuitive for a righty.

Sarah L.
Hoop worked well!

This hoop provided great tension and worked really well. I would buy it again for sure, but I think this one will last a long time!

Favorite Hoop

Just love the way this hoop keeps the fabric tight as a drum !!!
And I love the fact that the "hardware" lives in its own plastic keeps me from getting my floss entangled in the screws and such.
My personal fav !!!