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Modern Hoopla Hoop Frames - 6 Inch Circle

Take your finished embroidery project to the next level with a Modern Hoopla Hoop Frame. These unique frames allow you to place a regular 6" embroidery hoop inside the cut out in the back of the frame, to give your stitch work the elegant finish it deserves!

** PLEASE BE AWARE: Not 6" embroidery hoops fit into the Modern Hoopla frames. The FA Edmunds Hardwood Beech Hoops DO NOT fit in this frame but the standard FA Edmunds 6" hoops DO fit. Check the dimensions below to make sure your hoop will fit the frame. 

:: One (1) Modern Hoopla Hoop Frame
:: Finish: Options: Natural, Dark Walnut, Black or White
:: Size: 6" Hoop Frame
:: Dimensions: The slot to slide the hoop in the back is approximately 6.5" across (so the OUTER rings of your hoop must measure less than 6.5" across). The display area on the front of the hoop is approximately 5.75" across. The frames are 3/4" thick.

:: Holes are drilled into the back of the frame to allow you to mount it on the wall
:: Made of furniture-grade birch plywood in Virginia, USA

How to Use: 
:: Insert your finished embroidery hoop into the cutout in the back of the frame and center your design in the Hoop Frame Display area.
:: Use the included cardboard tabs to secure your hoop in place inside the frame. Your hoop frame is now ready to hang!