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Magnetic Needle Tugger

The Magnetic Needle Tugger gives you extra grip to pull needles through tight spots. Easily clips onto scissors, zipper pulls or lanyards to keep it close at hand and then easily separate the puller tube from the clasp with the magnetic attachment. Perfect for those that find thimbles and rubber fingers difficult to stitch with, but that need the occasional help pulling a needle through a tough spot.

:: Magnetic Needle Tugger
:: To Use insert needle tip into the plastic tube, grasp the tube between your fingers and pull the needle through the tough spot. 
:: Includes a metal clasp and magnetic attachment piece that easily separates for ease of use of the tugger tube.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Nancy Fox
Great tool

This is such a great tool and a staple when cross stitching! This is a genius tool and very handy to have. It has saved my fingers when trying to pull my needle. The price point I think was very appropriate as it’s a good quality tool. The magnetic feature is great as well!

Stacy O'Connell
Helpful Tool

I struggled pulling the needle through and have tried other needle grabbers. This is it! It is so easy and works really well. I love the magnet -keeps it handy and always where I left it!

julie charles
Clever but more expensive than I would have expected

I haven’t used mine yet but it seemed like a terrific idea. I love the fact the you can attach it to scissors or a zipper and I’m sure it will be perfect for getting my needle pulled through canvas in a tight situation. I’m just a little surprised that it wasn’t a little lower in price. I’d like to send it as a gift to other “stitchers” but the price makes that a little tough.