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Mystery Cosmo Embroidery Floss Set (12 skeins)

COSMO Embroidery Floss is a premium cotton 6-strand embroidery thread. Its signature soft feel and silky sheen resists tangles and makes it a dream to stitch with. The Mystery Set includes 12 skeins of premium Lecien Cosmo Embroidery Floss in a carefully curated collection. No two mystery sets are alike and may include both solids and variegated skeins. 

::12 skeins of COSMO 6-strand Embroidery Floss
:: Length - 8 meters (8.75 yards) per skein
:: Made in Japan by Lecien Corp
:: Colorfast, Fade-Resistant
:: Made from top grade 100% Egyptian Cotton

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Edie Evans-Bisbee
Nice variety of colors

Mine leaned toward the pastel side - a good variety including a grey. Not a great deal of contrast but nice for a floral composition. Just know if you redeem twice you are likely to get the same set- I redeemed twice in a short amount of time hoping to get another set of colors but got the same ones. They’ll be put to good use!

Martha H.
Great floss!

Love the color selection. And Cosmo floss is one of my favs!

Erica D.
Truly a sweet of mystery skeins-not only colors from the photo

My first time ever buying Cosmo floss. It's a real treat and in the hand, it feels so much like Au Ver a Soie (for real!!).
Regarding the photo for this listing: I find it a bit misleading, as it shows a handful of bright variegated skeins. I didn't get one single variegated skein. This picture influenced my final decision to buy myself a mystery set. And yes, I read the description and understood that this "may include both solids and variegated skeins".
The 12 colors I received are all solids and all vintage-y/ muted, washy colors that I'd never select in my own But hey, this will teach me to create something using colors other than my typical palette. Thankfully these all match in one manner or another, and I'm very grateful for that, otherwise making something using only Cosmo floss would've been a challenge. (I only own these 12 Cosmo flosses).
Lastly, I didn't take the time to calculate the cost per skein, and it's exactly the same as buying 12 solid colors individually. From now on if I want 12 skeins of Cosmo, I'll probably buy them individualy.
Lots of love to Snuggly Monkey, I appreciate all the hard work you do for us. As always, xoxo.

Laura L
Mystery cosmo set

Recently used my point for the mystery cosmo set. Received beautiful fall colors. My favorite colors!

Barbara D.
Quality Thread @ a great price

I ordered this embroidery floss because I am just starting back into hand sewing again. I've been dabbing in sashiko on various fabrics and thought this set would be perfect for my new needle sewing book pages. The colors didn't matter so the surprise of what I got was fine. I am very pleased with my order and will definitely order again. The picture does not do justice to the beautiful colors I received. They are a little more vibrant.