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Needle ID Cards

Ever find a needle in your stash and wonder ... "hmmm, what kind of needle is this?" Needle ID Cards are here to help! This helpful collection of laminated cardstock cards include true-to-life size images of different needle types and sizes (including both English and French sized needles!) Simply hold your needle up to the chart to help identify it. Each card also includes a fun historical needle fact and 1/4" & 10mm markings  for a handy measuring tool.

:: Needle ID Cards
:: Includes 6 color coded Needle ID Cards (Tapestry, Crewel, Milliner, Betweens, Sharps, and Chenille)
:: Come in a plastic storage sleeve to keep the cards organized
:: Made to last laminated cardstock cards

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Martha H.
Good resource

I can never remember which needle is which, so these cards are a good, convenient resource.

Susan Lapierre-Jones
Needle cards

These cards are really helpful in helping to identify all those needles that I have.

Julia C
So Grateful for these Cards!

I am so grateful for these Needle ID Cards. I am BAD to leave needles on my nightstand or randomly in my needle book and forget what they are for. I do many types of embroidery with various needles, I am grateful to have these identifier cards to help me put them away - instead of tossing them and buying more.

Perfect for Beginner Sewer

These have been very helpful for me in sorting and understanding the different needles I have and the different ones available. I recommend them for anyone who's starting out and confused by the instructions and technical terms in instructions re needles for different threads/fabrics!

Super helpful!

These are a great idea! I love using them to identify those miscellaneous needles I have lying around and that I receive in kits