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Nurge Brown Wood Grain Flexi-Hoops - Oval

Nurge Flexi Hoops are a superb and quick way to attach your embroidery, cross-stitch or needlework fabric. They hold the tension really well. With a stretchy rubberised wood-grained outer, the Nurge Flexihoop Picture frames are a visually attractive way to display your work. They come with a decorative hook to hang them.

You can use them by simply pulling off the stretchy outer ring, placing your fabric over the inner ring, and then stretching the outer ring back over the fabric, and presto your work is held tight! The inner is made from strong plastic, with an inner curve to hold your fabric tight.

:: One (1) Nurge Oval Woodgrain Flexi-Hoop
:: Available Sizes 2 different sizes (The quoted sizes are for the OUTSIDE of the hoop, not the inner ring)

  • No. 4 - 18cm ( 7.09") x 23cm ( 9" )
  • No. 5 - 22cm ( 8.66") x 27cm ( 10.63 )

:: Made in Turkey

Looking for smaller Flexi-Hoops? Check out our selection of Japanese Flexi-Hoops made by Olympusthat come in sizes 3" - 6"

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Consuelo Carramiñana
Can be used vertical or horizontal

By being flexible you can display your art vertically OR horizontally, how cool is that?