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Peels Thread Huggers

Messy thread spools and tangled thread are a thing of the past with Peels Thread Huggers! These rubber spool huggers wrap around a spool of thread to keep it from unraveling. Works well with sewing thread, Nishikiito Metallic Threads, Cosmo 3-strand, Weeks Dye Works 2 & 3 - strandspools and more. 

:: Peels Thread Huggers
:: Available in 3 or 10 packs
:: Peels colors are assorted neon pink, green, orange and blue (specific colors cannot be guaranteed)
:: Made of Rubber

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Perfect for DMC diamant!

I got these specifically to use with the DMC metallic diamant thread that never stays wrapped on the spool and these help a ton. LOVE THEM

Great, but not for Cosmo Nishikiito Opali

Part of the trouble when working with metallic thread is the constant unraveling, so I was stoked to see something that would keep the spools from unwinding. Unfortunately, these did not fit the Cosmo Nishikiito threads I bought - the huggers are too large for the spools.

I do see these being really useful for other, larger spools, however, and the idea is really clever, so I'm still giving them a high rating.

Heidi Parkes
WOW!!!!! ❤️ These have changed the state of my travel sewing kit forever!

They hold my pearl cotton size 8 spools SO WELL. Previously, I often had a tangle in my travel sewing kit. I haven't noticed a chemical off-gas from them, which I was a little worried about before ordering. These are a big level up for me. 🥰🥳💘