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Soie Perlée Silk Perle Thread Set - Fluorescent

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Au Ver a Soie's Soie Perlée is a 3-ply twisted filament silk that is smooth, soft and lustrous. This single stranded thread is non-divisible with a thickness between Size 8 and Size 12 perle cotton. Unlike Perle Cotton thread, Perle Silk (Soie Perlée) expands to fill a stitched area when light tension is used. Soie Perlée has a natural sheen that can hold up to canvas work without losing its luster. Each charming wooden spool has 17.5 yards (16m) of thread and can be used for a wide variety of stitch work, including hand embroidery, cross stitch, needlepoint, tassel making and more.

:: Au Ver a Soie Soie Perlée (Perle Silk Thread) Thread Set
:: Color: Fluorescent

:: Each set includes 6 spools
:: 17.5 yards per spool (16m)
:: Soie Perlée does not have an industry standard thickness, but falls between a size 8 and size 12 perle cotton
:: Wooden spool has a notch to secure thread from unraveling
:: Made in France

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Love these

This brand never disappoints but I’m still so impressed with the quality of this thread. It makes your work stick out in the best way. The colors are super saturated and rich, I’m so grateful that SnugglyMonkey carries this brand because it can be hard to find.

Love these colors!

These bright and beautiful colors will be great to use on many of my projects!