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Speedweve Style Small Mending Loom (10 hook)

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Mending holes in jeans, socks and shirts is quick and easy with a Speedweve style mending loom. This ingenious device allows you to easily warp your mending thread over the area in need of repair. Simply swipe the hooks from side to side to weave your thread through your warped threads and create a stylish patch!  The wooden disc is secured to the fabric in need of repair with the included rubber band and then a second band secures the hooks to the wooden disc. Works great with embroidery floss, Sashiko thread, wool darning thread and more!

:: Speedweve style Small Mending Loom
:: 10 hooks
:: Wooden disc surface is 2.5" wide (64mm)
:: Includes a steel tin with window for storage plus extra rubber bands

Want to learn how to use the mini loom? Watch our step-by-step tutorialon YouTube or download a copy of the original instructions from E&A Chesstok.

Customer Reviews

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Stacy O

I did some research on mini looms and knew I would buy from Claudia-I have purchased a lot from her and I totally trust what she sells. This did not disappoint! I immediately watched her tutorial and got started mending a sock. This look is wonderful! Very well made and so fun to use!

Love my new mending loom!

I love the quality of my new mending loom and I am enjoying making woven mends. Thanks for the helpful tutorial on getting started!